Data and content for local businesses for local marketing campaigns dedicated to sales, engagement and customer loyalty.

POI and local business data

Production, supply and updating of POI and Business Data for marketing campaigns for companies, communications agencies, web publishers, omnichannel, for mapping and routing needs, even for custom projects.

  • Business data
  • Local citations
  • Local events
  • POI, routes, itineraries and tracks

Geo-localised editorial content

Design, execution and supply of local publishing plans, fully or partially outsourced, for B2B and B2C companies, agencies, publishers and websites.

  • Providing local publishing and editorial plans
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Culture, entertainment and public interest

Services of Contact Centre

Full or partial outsourcing of Contact Centre activities for telemarketing or production projects, advanced business database profiling, or local surveys.

  • Profiling and database updates
  • Verticalised surveys
  • Telemarketing
  • Teleselling

B2B and B2C

For Companies

The focus of companies today is to create and cultivate an engaged audience on which to focus their disintermediation work as pure sales players. That means structuring themselves to feed consistent and relevant web content on a daily basis. Or simply contacting TNet, who has owned, fed and ensured this information and content for years.

Portals and Publishers

For Publishers

The identification and feeding, using original data and content updated on a daily basis, of online publishing plans focused on satisfying the local informational needs of their users. Providing national and local content on topics such as tourism, culture, entertainment, leisure, food and drink, sports, local business and much more.

Companies and Agencies

For Agencies

Geo-localised data and content for implementing branding, community and audience-building projects for clients. Outsourcing resources for verticalised content marketing, telemarketing, teleselling and database updating.



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