TNet Consulting

We help companies to improve sales, customer experience and customer loyalty at a local level

Data and content for local businesses for marketing campaigns, engagement and customer loyalty

Ensuring that our clients’ digital users’ informational needs are satisfied is what we do.

Where to go, what to do, what to see and where to buy.

When a user finds an exhaustive and properly geolocated response on the web, it is almost always thanks to the data and content of local businesses produced and screened by TNet Consulting.

Why TNet is the best partner for companies, publishers and marketing agencies

TNet Consulting works alongside companies, publishers and agencies in local digital projects, visibility, community and audience building, and lead and demand generation.

Databases of local businesses, local citations, company data, POI, routes, itineraries and tracks, surveys, research and engagement campaigns in the local area.

The best digital experience for users, with a more fluid integration into partners’ corporate processes.


  • Providing local publishing and editorial plans
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Culture, entertainment and public interest


  • Business data
  • Local citations
  • Local events
  • POI, routes, itineraries and tracks


  • Profiling and database updates
  • Verticalised surveys
  • Telemarketing
  • Contact Centre

We produce, verify, update and distribute the most accurate local business data on the market.

Most used by:

Relevant, credible and consistent.

Our data is the best because it is constantly updated by the day-to-day work of a big company



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Our clients

TNet’s location-based data and editorial content is used by the companies, publishers and websites that care most about satisfying the local informational needs of their users.

RCS, Italia On Line, Virgilio, TomTom and Tuttocittà are just some of our many clients.

Telemarketing for the pharmacy fitting sector TNet supports Th.Kohl in Italy

Telemarketing for the pharmacy fitting sector TNet supports Th.Kohl in Italy Telemarketing for pharmacy fitting The partnership between the sales department of Th.Kohl and its affiliate, Pharmathek (warehouse automation), for the geo-localised telemarketing and lead generation project in Italy. Th.Kohl, telemarketing…

Local editorial content. TNet supports the content of the Virgilio portal

Editorial content: abundance and the gaining of relevance and web traffic for major publishing portals, but a huge commitment in terms of costs and resources to produce them. The long-standing partnership between TNet Consulting and the website…

POI and local content supply for mapping and routing. TNet works with Here

Supply and updating of local content and POI for mapping and routing, always up-to-date and consistent; this was what was asked of TNet by HERE, “local updates for a global audience”, the biggest mapping company in the world for automakers and companies in…