Telemarketing for the pharmacy fitting sector TNet supports Th.Kohl in Italy

Telemarketing for pharmacy fitting The partnership between the sales department of Th.Kohl and its affiliate, Pharmathek (warehouse automation), for the geo-localised telemarketing and lead generation project in Italy.

Th.Kohl, telemarketing for geo-localised pharmacy fitting

The Th.Kohl Group, leader in Italy for pharmacy fitting, is engaged in an ambitious commercial expansion programme over the whole country, in a bid to apply the “Kohl Method”,to the largest possible market share; the method is a revenue-oriented approach to investments that involved structural implementation – primarily fitting – of pharmacies by the pharmacists themselves.

With a view to promoting its project, Th.Kohl has invested internally – in training a qualified sales team made up of interior design professionals – and externally, in identifying a solid independent sales partner to support local marketing for their business goals in pharmacy fitting: TNet Consulting.

Th.Kohl’s requirements as expressed to TNet

Th.Kohl has asked TNet Consulting for support in an industry telemarketing campaign, lead generation and sales appointments across Italy for its consultants.

The solution provided by TNet Consulting

TNet Consulting has provided its client with the outsourced use of its Contact Centre, in the specialised resources for the world of “pharmacies across Italy”. It thereby capitalised on its specific knowledge of the local business of the sector and allowed the client to obtain a database of sales appointments that is not only impressive quantitatively speaking, but also (and especially) excellently profiles and of great commercial depth, thereby allowing for a high conversion rate sales campaign to begin.

The success of the telemarketing done by TNet was also founded on the considerable informational asset to be found in the TNet Consulting-owned database “TNet Pharmacies and Health” created, profiled and kept up to date thanks to direct contact with the local health bodies (federations and associations of pharmacists, local health authorities) across Italy.


Thanks in part to the direct contact with pharmacists offered by TNet, Th.Kohl managed to expand its sales business by starting new pharmacy fitting supply relationships in two directions

  • in UPSELLING to geographical areas that are already covered
  • in NEW BUSINESS to newly-opened pharmacies.

thereby cementing itself as one of the leading companies in the field of pharmacy fitting.


Are pharmacies a potential target for your services? Are you interested in getting qualified appointments with pharmacy owners and being able to contact the ~4,000 new pharmacies that will open over the next two years across the entire country?
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