We help companies to improve sales, customer experience and customer loyalty at a local level.

For Companies

The focus of companies today is to create and cultivate an engaged audience on which to focus their disintermediation work as pure sales players. That means structuring themselves to feed consistent and relevant web content on a daily basis. Or simply contacting TNet, who has owned, fed and ensured this information and content for years.

For Publishers

The identification and feeding, using original data and content updated on a daily basis, of online publishing plans focused on satisfying the local informational needs of their users. Providing national and local content on topics such as tourism, culture, entertainment, leisure, food and drink, sports, local business and much more.

For Agencies

Geo-localised data and content for implementing branding, community and audience-building projects for clients. Outsourcing resources for verticalised content marketing, telemarketing, teleselling and database updating.

Geo-localised content with added informational value. That is what TNet Consulting offers companies, publishers and agencies so that they can lay the groundwork for their own local digital visibility campaigns, promotions, local community and audience building, and lead and demand generation.

Databases of local businesses, local citations, company data, POI, routes, itineraries and tracks. Surveys, research and engagement campaigns in the local area.

The best digital experience for our clients’ users, with a more fluid integration into partners’ corporate processes. Content delivered in the most technologically efficient way and, upon request, produced in a customised way.

Why is TNet Consulting synonymous with “geolocalised content”?


The writing staff of TNet Consulting is a 15 person-strong team dedicated to spending every day producing and fine-tuning content for local and global marketing on a local basis – events, health, retail and consumer databases – and the Contact Centre offers 60 people dedicated to keeping the relationship with the local area alive and kicking so as to feed content production in the most consistently high-quality way possible.


The value of information is determined by a constant relationship with the sources authorised to supply the data (e.g. local health authorities, federations and orders of pharmacists) and the information is updated by way of direct contact with individual POIs/local citations.


TNet has internally developed a proprietary platform for processing information based on SQL Server.

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