POI and local content supply for mapping and routing. TNet works with Here

Supply and updating of local content and POI for mapping and routing, always up-to-date and consistent; this was what was asked of TNet by HERE, “local updates for a global audience”, the biggest mapping company in the world for automakers and companies in the logistics and transportation sector.

The TNet solution: content and local citation for tourism, mobility and public interest.

TNet became an active partner by offering not just information that is useful for map consultation, but by suggesting a regular supply plan basedon actual changes to the local business environment.
This partnership therefore takes the form of not only a “flat” supply of data, but a constant relationship of feeding the client regularly-updated content regarding the main tourist attractions.

  • museums
  • itineraries
  • monuments
  • hospitality
  • the restaurant industry

and other local information of public interest

  • car parks
  • airports
  • automotive